Madden 22's player ratings are being revealed piece by piece on ESPN this week. We now have ratings for a handful of Mut 22 coins positions. Davante Adams, Aaron Donald and the top 10 wide receivers were made members of the 99 Club. EA has also unveiled Madden 22's rating website. This will allow players to look up their ratings and then display the results. But, not all players are in the game yet. As new positions are revealed during the week, you'll be seeing more.

Wide receiver Davante Adams of the Green Bay Packers is the first player with a 99 rating to be revealed in Madden 22. It's not his first time as a member in the 99 Club, which is no surprise given how outstanding an athlete he's. EA was pleasantly surprised Adams as he played golf by gifting him a special package that contained a special 99 necklace and an autographed note by John Madden himself--check out the video below.

Aaron Donald, a defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Rams, is the second 99 Club member. This is his fifth time receiving the highest grade in Madden. Watch the announcement video below.

As previously mentioned, ESPN is revealing the Madden 22 ratings throughout the week and you should keep checking in with GameSpot for more details to find out how your favorite player performs.

EA removed the cap on the Madden 22 ratings for rookies. They also revealed the very first Madden 22 ratings for players. Mac Jones, the New England Patriots' new quarterback, thought that his OVR would rise to 66. Actually, it was 71. The Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Travis Etienne was thinking that his short-route running rating would be 87. In reality, it was 67. "Ooh it's rude, man!" In the video, he said cheapest madden 22 coins the following. This is the entire thing: