A true leader cherishes that which brings happiness and satisfaction to him because, he finds fulfilment in actualising it.

When he finds someone else doing the same thing, he feels compelled from within that he can do it in a better way, given the opportunity to do it.

That is the mark of a true leader- to find that which he truly cherises and  has a passion for to do.

Leadership is not about indulging in the art of scouting for followers. It is about discovering your passion- your gift and putting it forward for the world to behold.

Your talent is your gift, your fruit!

A gift is to a man as a fruit is to a tree.  People go for the fruit and not the trees.

You are a fruit bearing tree and you have fruits in your inmost being.

Put your fruit forward the ripen way and people will cluster like grapes on a fruiful branch around you! Your talent is your gift and your gift is your fruit.

A tree is admired primarily for the fruits it brings forth. It is the fruit in an apple tree that motivates the farmer to keep watering the seed for many years, which sprouts into a shoot and eventually becomes the tree that bears the fruits that we behold.

We all have a duty to put forward our gifts- our fruits- in a ripen coloured way to attract followers. This is the essence of true leadership.

True leadership is born when your gift is  discovered and you serve it to the world. You become a servant of your gift and not a slave to people.

John Eyo wrote in a social media article, Oct.,2021:" The problem is that many of us forget about our gifts and go about looking whose gift to feed on. And they boss us below par just to feed us" .

Your success in life is in discovering your gift- your fruit and putting it forward the ripe way. You will attract true followership and you will lack nothing under the sun.

Then you become a man of the people, a fulfilled life.